Over the past 7 years working in the On Demand Industry we think we have worked out the best way to structure our team to support our platform users. Detailed below is an overview of what each of the teams does and how they help our customers achieve their business goals. Disruptive technologies call for a different approach and with this framework in place we feel we structured right to help businesses flourish

The Board

We have a clear vision to become the main global platform for mass customisation and on demand fulfilment, by making it easier for our customers to sell on demand products. So, we feel really lucky to have been able to put together a great board of directors to support us. We have a good blend of people; some who work in the business everyday and some who are acknowledged experts in their field- supporting the business with specialist skills and knowledge. The key role of the Board is to provide a framework for our teams to help our customers succeed.

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The Explainers

We like to think of ourselves as experts in our field and want our existing and potential customers to feel like we are adding value by explaining how we can help their business, rather than trying to sell people services they are not sure they need – hence we like to call our sales team the Explainers. In some way, everybody in our business is an explainer, but this team is really focused on helping you understand and implement the on demand business model. We have Explainers and International Resellers all around the world, to make sure we have somebody available that will understand your challenges, industry or country.

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The Onboarders

Too many IT projects fail and we are determined that your experience in rolling out our platform is not one of those. This is why, once you have decided that Custom Gateway is for you, our Explainer will hand over to a dedicated Onboarder who will stay with until your project is live. The Onboarders are specialist project managers who co-ordinate your interaction with our other teams until your project is live – they are completely dedicated to getting your project live

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The Creators

As the name suggests, The Creators help our customers learn to create on demand products using our Custom Product Platform. The Creators also manage our sub contract product creation services and are the experts in our business on the best way to set up your products using our platform. Whether you are a supplier setting up your base products for others to use, or a designer with your own designs, then our team are here and ready to help.

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The Designers

The Designers are the team that populate our licensed designs for you to sell in our Virtual Product Warehouse. They work closely with the Creators to identify base products created by members of our Global Supplier Network, that they can use to create templates for cutting edge personalised designs, to help our retailers sell more products and suppliers get more fulfilment business. Our team have over 10 years experience designing for on demand only, so they know exactly what sells and how to create it.

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The Architects

The Architects build, develop and maintain our core software platforms CPP & OMS, making it possible for our business to function. Our multi skilled team are responsible for ensuring we have a world class system that makes it easy for our customers to create, sell & print or fulfil on demand products. Our Architects are responsible for delivering our development roadmap. Our User Groups, Explainers, Onboarders & the Support team help us decide what goes in our development roadmap to ensure we keep evolving, as technology and market requirements change.

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Professional Services

Once the Onboarders have helped our customers get live, they will hand over to the Support Engineers & the Explainers to make sure there is always a specialist available to help our customers. The Architects make sure our platform is robust but there are is always more help that can be offered. Our Support Engineers have many years experience and are also tasked with updating our comprehensive Knowledgebase. Just like Onboarders, they will involve other teams if and when you need extra support. The Engineers also help deliver professional services and help build specifications for more complex projects.

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The Organisers

As the name suggests, the Organisers are the team that makes sure our business runs smoothly. They check quality, provide customer service, collect the money, pay the bills, do the paperwork, organise our websites and make sure everybody else can focus on serving our customers. Lots of the team wear more than 1 hat and will help with all sorts of different tasks essential to the smooth running of the business – we cannot function without the organisers.

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